Product Reviews

All of that cool stuff that I present has to come from somewhere! While sometimes I can’t resist pulling something off the shelf to show to my readers, the vast majority of the Stuff is sent from people and companies that send promotional samples to Zinger Stuff HQ.

I am open to all sorts of Stuff to review every week, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

I only write 100% positive reviews. If it’s fit for Zinger Stuff and the loyal base who stop in every week to read about the antics of Mr. X and myself, I could only say nice things about the product!

Zinger Stuff is open to reviewing tons of product types, including: toys (science, plush, art, dinosaurs etc.), games, videogames, clothing, accessories, candy, dog toys, dog accessories, kitchenware, soaps, shoes and anything great that I can take pictures alongside a plastic dinosaur. Mr. X is quite photogenic, you see.

Whenever someone sends a product sample to Zinger Stuff HQ, I lovingly create a unique web banner on the side of the homepage. This ad takes readers directly to your homepage when it is clicked and it stays on Zinger Stuff permanently. After all, I want to give you as much exposure as I can!

The only things I will not host on Zinger Stuff are items that are inappropriate (vulgar, nasty, vile, etc.) or dangerous. Although radioactive tarantulas that have a talent for screaming obscene catchphrases might be “cool” in some circles, they have no place here.

Drop me a line via e-mail if you would like me to host your Zing-worthy Stuff and I’ll get back to you right away so we can get you and your excellent swag into the limelight.

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