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I’ve missed you, Streamline NYC! I’m ashamed to admit it, but even though I’ve catered to majority of the dorky “food groups” including aliens, videogames, dinosaurs, mutants and more, I’ve somehow neglected robots! BEEP-BOOP! My little Eraserbot is here to remove that mistake from my record…


Eraserbot is a 2.25” tall machine whose primary function is to delete mistakes from your paperwork. Easily the most flexible of all of the erasers that I’ve had the pleasure of playing with, Eraserbot’s arms and legs flex just like a desktop action figure. Not only is this automaton adorable, but its flexibility gives the little fellow extra personality as it explores the expanses of your office space. (Work? Please- Not until Eraserbot conquers Mt. Stapler!)  


Streamline NYC’s No Fall UFO Eraserbots are assembled in four brilliant colors: Grey, Yellow, Blue and Green. As you can see, despite being made of rubber and arriving onto Earth from the depths of cold, dark outer space, my Eraserbot was quick to make friends with Mr. X and my Red Jumping Brain. This just shows that this android is completely unfazed by even the most terrifying challenges and that they are quick to overcome all challenges. (and mistakes!) Adopt an Eraserbot today! See you on Thursday, Zingers!



Eraserbot Erasers (Streamline):

Eraserbot Erasers (Karma Kiss):

Yellow & Green Eraserbots (CoolZips):

Streamline Homepage:

Karma Kiss Homepage:

Karma Kiss on Twitter:!/krmkss

Jumping Brain Homepage:

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