Nylabone Dinosaur Dental Chew- Brontosaurus

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Jessie sure did miss you, Zingers! It’s been a while since the golden behemoth has graced the top of Zinger Stuff, but my pals at Nylabone are here to change that with another chicken-flavored (She tested it, not me) Dinosaur shaped Dental Chew. She is extremely appreciative when she gets a new toy!


Since we’ve thoroughly tested the T-Rex shaped Nylabone, I thought it was about time to see how Jessie would fare with their Brontosaurus counterpart. This solid prehistoric pal is made of the same durable Nylon material as the rest of the dinos, and comes in a unique shape for explorative chewing. I’m totally digging the “Looking over my shoulder just in case that dog comes back to bite my face again” shape of the Brontosaurus, and its figure eight form has earned it the name “Infinite Dinosaur.” Whenever Jessie is presented with a new chew, she has to cram the toy into every available angle in her mouth. This serves a dual purpose for Jess- At first she’s only testing the toy to see if she can destroy it since she enjoys a challenge. After she realizes that she can’t break down these bristled Brontosaurs, she’ll chew it as a pacifier. Anything to keep her out of trouble, right?


In case you’re wondering, this is NOT the new office! Jessie stayed behind, but I get to visit her often enough so we can work on testing ZS goodies. Her old Nylabone T-Rex is still in excellent condition since I gave it to her in September, even if some of the detailed features of their faces are a bit chewed… The gnawed Rexes still give Jessie entertainment, but the sight of their warped faces will easily give my blue-eyed pal Mr. X nightmares!


I’m so thankful for Nylabone’s stellar contribution to Zinger Stuff, they came through with flying colors! Dinosaurs are always awesome, but dinosaurs that can keep Jessie out of my hair long enough to get some work done? I didn’t think that you could build upon perfection, but Nylabone proved me WRONG. I am sure that the Dinosaur Dental Chews will remain one of Jessie’s favorite comfort chews for many more months to come. No one can argue about how cute it is when Jessie snuggles up into a pile of her blankets with one of her Nylabone Dinosaurs at the end of the day. Aww! See you soon, Zingers! 



Nylabone Home: http://www.nylabone.com/

Nylabone Dinosaur DuraChew: http://www.nylabone.com/product-finder/by-product-type/dura-chew-dental-chew.htm

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