No Fall UFO Wind Ups

November 14, 2011 at 12:30 AM Leave a comment

I’ve just had an alien encounter of the adorable kind! Streamline NYC worked closely with NASA scientists to determine exactly how cute and cuddly a Martian invasion could be. The resulting simulations cost 2.2 million dollars in tax payer funding, but the ability to own your own UFO Wind Up is well worth the cost! Not only are these models exact scale models to Martian flying saucers, but they impervious to human weapons and table edges alike!


Martians are a diverse species; although all Martians are green, some feature two eyes, a beak or a single Cyclops eye. No matter what red rock your Martian crawled out from under, he or she will pilot an incredible UFO that hovers over the surface of whatever you place it on. The Streamline NYC / NASA project has successfully reproduced the technology inherent of all of the spacecraft of Mars- This makes sure that your alien is completely safe when you launch it on a high table or shelf. Martians are just too smart to drop from any height! I mean, how are they going to take over Earth in 2012 if they can’t hover over your office desk?!  


Streamline NYC’s No Fall UFO Wind Ups are available in three colors: Silver (Shown terrorizing my dinosaurs!), purple and gold. Aliens are style-conscious creatures, no matter what planet they are from- Greedo was a trend setter before that Han Solo punk blasted him… Flying at a portly two inches tall by two inches wide, they’re big enough to capture my puppy’s attention without a tractor beam. I’ll try to get some action shots of Molly Muffin vs. the Silver UFO soon! Will the Yorkie uprising save the planet when the Martians arrive? Tune in next time on- ZINGER STUFF!




Lime Brontosaurus:

No Fall UFO Wind Ups (Streamline):

No Fall UFO Wind Ups (Karma Kiss):

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