Copernicus Toys- Fun With Science!

June 6, 2011 at 4:47 PM Leave a comment

Good ‘ol Copernicus Toys wanted to show off some more of their Zing-Worthy goodies right here on Zinger Stuff and I’m happy to oblige! This week I’ve got a canister of Glow Glux, the world’s strangest top and a clever geeky postcard to show off from the labs of Copernicus Toys. Between you, me and Mr. X, let’s have some fun with science!

How many places of pi have you memorized? Most can easily recall “3.14” as pi, but I have remembered this number as “3.14159”. This is only because I had a math class back in high school that made a big deal out of March 14th and I was in that class at 1:59PM that day… I’m more of a cake guy, but this is an intelligent stab at the concept of pi AND pie. If PI = PIE, then on what side of the equation does the apple filling go?

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday- A top that only spins in one direction! Huh? No, really- I’ve had plenty of time to play with the Rattleback, and no matter how hard you spin it on its curved side in the clockwise direction it refuses to keep moving! It seems like a simple piece of transparent green plastic, but its construction holds a deeper secret that still sparks scientific discussions and debate as to why it works as it does to this day. It’s funny to attempt to force it to spin clockwise to have it stop, wobble and rotate the other way- If science can’t figure it out, I blame aliens. Stop stealing alien tech, Copernicus Toys! You’ll doom us all!

Remember how I gushed over how great the Thermochromic Glux a few months ago and how cool it was to watch the strange properties of the goo? If you thought that the color-changing heat-based Glux was “cool,” you need to check out Glow Glux. After I opened the package of goodies from Copernicus Toys, I sat the Glow Glux on my shelf. I woke up later that night, and I thought I left some odd piece of electronic equipment to charge on my shelf because it was a BRIGHT glowing green light. Imagine my shock when I realized the glowing light was actually the Glow Glux- It didn’t receive any light for at least four or five hours and it was bright enough for me to mistake it for something that was plugged into the wall! Glow Glux has all of the texture, malleability and bounce of its heat-based counterpart, but unlike Thermochromic Glux, Glow Glux is the perfect bedtime toy. (Just be sure to put it away when you’re done or it will double as an electricity-free night light!)


I want to send my sincere thanks to Copernicus Toys for sending the Amazing Box o’ Science Toys for making two Mondays here at Zinger Stuff great. As the weeks roll on, I hope to show off more from Copernicus and other great krews of people who specialize in making awesome stuff in the weeks ahead. You rock out loud Copernicus Toys! See you all next week, Zingers!

Copernicus Toys Glow Glux:

Copernicus Toys Rattleback:

Copernicus Toys PI = PIE:

Copernicus Toys:

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