Meet Squid Row Comics!

It’s time to introduce a very talented, creative and all-around excellent artist to all of my Zingers: Meet the one and only Bridgett Spicer, creator of Squid Row Comics!

I’ve been a fan of her daily comic strip for years now, and it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share the day-to-day adventures of Randie the starving artist and her upbeat, adorable and paint-splattered universe with you all.

In a nutshell, our adventurous hero is doing her best to have fun as an artist, while working at The Artbox. (An art supply store with new management) Naturally, Squid Row has a large and colorful cast to keep Randie (and her readership) on her toes! These lovable goofballs includes Ryan, her best friend who works as a freelance writer, the yarn-bombing Art-o-rama Mamas Spill and Enid, and Twinkie, the horrible, (yet lovable and relatable to any cat owner) orange cat. If I had a nickel for each time that I identifyied with Randie, Ryan, or one of the lovable knuckleheads living in her beachside neck of the nation.

Randie’s can-do attitude, enthusiasm for her art, and coffee/Popp’n Tarts/Vespid addictions make Squid Row the final stop on my morning ritual of visiting my favorite webcomics, as I want to start off my day on a totally positive note. Just steer clear of those shifty gnomes, and if you DO have to deal with the ceramic charlatans, toss ‘em in a dumpster and replace them with dinosaurs. Everyone loves dinosaurs!


Do yourself a favor and add Brigett’s Squid Row to your daily web surfing routine, and when you get hooked, start from the beginning and read your way back up to the present. Once you’ve done that, buy the book and unplug for a little while! “Squid Row: Welcome to the Neighborhood” collects all of the comic’s 2011 antics, and you might save a few cents on your electric bill by catching up with the dead tree edition. It’s a win-win!

We’re just getting started, so crank the creativity up to 11 and pass me a gluten-free maple syrup doughnut, ‘cause you haven’t heard the last of Squid Row from my humble purple-splattered outpost. Keep a sharp eye for Randie and crew around Zinger Stuff’s HQ!

One more thing before I slink back under my rock, me and Mr. X are working our claws to the bone on Zinger Stuff’s next big step, so if there is another big lull in the updates, blame progress! That, or those pesky pteranodons are stealing all of my bandwidth again…

Stay tuned, Zingers!

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Meet Seaside Prints!

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? Long story short, I’m back and better than ever! I’ve got a whole new host of amazing people and artwork to show off, new projects to share and there’s a subtle theme behind the next few posts… See if you can figure out the connection, Zingers!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally ready to showcase my friends at Seaside Prints! Seaside Prints is a Spain-based Etsy storefront that is dedicated to providing an immense variety of oceanic and beachy wall art. With hundreds of colorful prints featuring fish, crustaceans, seashells, coral, lighthouses, whales and a host of other stunning designs, I had a tough time picking out a favorite. I went with the “Turquise crab” print, which does a fantastic job of filling out the lobby at Zinger Stuff HQ.

Seaside wall art Turquise crab - sea life print -Buying three or more  FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE - vintage natural sea history

Crabs are one of the most visually interesting animals in the ocean, and how could I turn down the Jacksonville Jaguars teal colored bottom feeder? Actually, the crab reminds me of this one time I was leaving ZS HQ to do something and there was a fairly large blue crab sitting on my welcome mat! It was well worth shooing away the clawed trespasser to keep it away from Scribble’s inquisitive nose, and it was pretty cool to see a beachside staple so far from the coastline. The old Zinger Stuff HQ was a 5 minute drive from the ocean, but it was one heck of a walk for my pinchy pal!

That’s one of the uniquely special things about Seaside Prints: They have a huge range of ocean themed artworks in several easily framed sizes, but the one and only place that you can get one is through their Etsy portal. Each print is affordable too, so don’t worry about breaking the bank to hang the lobster or stingray that caught your eye on the wall. It’s the perfect addition to the lobby and I can’t thank Seaside Prints enough for it!

 Wall decor poster-Vintage octopus no.19- sea life print-Buying three or more  FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE- vintage natural history

Do yourself and those bare walls of yours a favor by checking out the marine marvels that Seaside Prints has in stock. It looks like they’ve got a deal running at the moment where if you buy three or more large (A3) sized prints, you will receive free shipping by entering the code “SALESHIPPING” at checkout.

Follow this link to visit Seaside Prints, and don’t forget to tell ‘em that you heard about them through Zinger Stuff! See you later, Zingers!


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Meet Taunton Press!

And it’s time to take in the final course of the month, a present from my pals at Taunton Press: “Just Tacos: 100 Delicious Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.” Now I’m no 6 star chef, but I didn’t know how easy it was to make authentic Mexican styled tacos from scratch. Sorry Taco Bell; If more people got their hands on this book, you’d be out of business!


If you’re going to have a book with 100 varied recipes, there should definitely be enough variety to warrant that many types of tacos. Thankfully, Shelly Wiseman’s chapters range from beef and seafood, to poultry (my favorites came from this section!) and vegetarian, with ultra-simple instructions. After all, they ARE tacos!

Two things in particular help to make this cookbook special for me: The extra above-and-beyond detail given wherever possible to truly replicate Mexican cuisine, and the final chapter that touched on yummy extras, such as tostadas and quesadillas. Once you learn how to make your own nacho chips, you’ll be hard-pressed to go back to store-bought. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a veteran in the kitchen, “Just Tacos” has something to teach everyone.

And with that, we’re done with Foodie February and I’m gearing up for something craftier… See you next week, Zingers! Check, please!


Taunton Press – Just Tacos:

Just Tacos @ Amazon:

Weekly Wildlife Update!

And making tacos wasn’t the only thing that I’ve been up to for the past week! I’ve had some close encounters with polar bears, baboons, alligator snapping turtles and THE CUTEST GOATS YOU’LL EVER SEE. Get wild at the Zinger Stuff Zoo:

A Look At Science Fiction’s Intergalactic Wildlife: Hoth – Yep, I write all about all of Hoth’s intricate ecosystem. Snow, Wampas & Tauntauns ahoy!

Setting Up Your Pet Siamese Fighting Fish – Just in case you want your own, I’ve got you covered to get you started.

Fido Charmz: A Personal Air Freshener for Your Dog – Does bath time stink for your dog? Clip one of these onto their collar for a month of fancy scents!

Cape Town Winning Destructive Baboon Battle – Cool videos of baboons raiding kitchens not included.

Why The Alligator Snapping Turtle Is A Bad Pet Idea – I had a bunch of fun with this one! Don’t forget to read the comment section…

Australians Toadally Despise Cane Toad Pests – Yeah? Well we’re still got PYTHONS in southern Florida! In that sense, Sydney doesn’t have it so bad!

22 Of the Cutest Barnyard Kids – A Baby Goat Gallery! – AWWWW!!!!

Happy International Polar Bear Day! – Club a seal, feed a polar bear. Isn’t that how we protect endangered species?

KatKabin: Your Kitty’s Vacation Home! – I should stick Joy into one of these things the next time she knocks Mr. X off of the shelf… It’s not punishment, but it keeps her away from MY stuff!

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Meet GoGo Squeez!



I went shopping for tasty gluten free fruit shacks recently and I was in the mood for some apple sauce. I thought that I should try one of those mixed flavored apple sauces and decided to try a peach/apple sauce from a big name brand. (It won’t be mentioned here) It was to my shock that the “Peach/Apple sauce” contained cucumber and bell pepper juices, but NO PEACH! What?! How can you claim to be a real fruit snack with “peach” being half of your title, without any actual peaches in the product?! I was disappointed until a little carton apple and its peachy pal caught my eye…



I went on a limb and tried out a four-pack of GoGo Squeez’s Apple Peach sauce- Not only was I impressed with its short, sweet and all-natural ingredient list: Apple, Peach, Apple Juice Concentrate, but it tasted better than any other “apple + other stuff” sauces that I’ve ever had! When I was in grade school, my mom would place those little cups of apple sauce and a spoon into my lunch bag, and while I certainly appreciated it at the time, bringing a sticky spoon home at the end of the day was kinda gross. The Squeez pack is a brilliant innovation that should’ve been implemented decades ago (kudos to the GoGo Team for getting to it first!) that allows healthy snackers to enjoy their apple sauce without dealing with that cumbersome spoon.



Sure, you’re probably wondering why this is the first actual food-food item that I’ve covered at Zinger Stuff, but I will never, EVER showcase a snack without testing it out myself! I was impressed with GoGo Squeez Apple Peach and I’m planning on trying out Berry or Banana next. Besides, who could resist those cute, cartoony fruits? Check out the GoGo Squeez Homepage to see what they’re cooking up next and to grab some tasty Squeez pouches for yourself! Stay tuned to see what the final course of the month is, but until then, stay hungry Zingers!




GoGo Squeez Homepage:

GoGo Squeez @ Amazon:

GoGo Squeez @ Twitter:

GoGo Squeez @ Pinterest:


Weekly Wildlife Update!

It’s been a wild week at PetsLady too! I’ve been keeping up with all of the best and most beastly info, ranging from baby tigers and kitty condiments, to pet Siamese fighting fish and howler monkeys. Take a peek into the latest from the Zinger Stuff Zoo:


A Rainbow of Bettas: Photos of Spectacular Siamese Fighting Fish- I’ve fished out a stunning selection of pretty betta fish pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Cool Stuff – Petchup & Meowstard Spices Up Your Pet’s Food – Condiments for your cats and dogs?! WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? Either way, it’s Zingworhty in my book!


Cool Stuff – NPW’s Animal Hands – Instant dinosaur hand puppets are cool, and make for a totally Zingworhty gift for younger Zingers.


Grand Theft Lemur! – What kind of jerk steals a ring-tailed lemur? I mean, really! Read all about poor Gizmo’s kidnapping and eventual rescue here.


Florida Leads Nation in Shark Attacks – Yep, Florida has it all- Sun, fun and violent fish biting your legs off. That’s why Vermont will never be as heavy metal as Florida is.


Zoo News – Newborn Sumatran Tiger In San Francisco – Aww! Yep, I reported on the newest addition to the San Francisco zoo as well as a cute video of the tiger’s momma.


Why The Howler Monkey Is A Bad Pet Idea – The first of the “Bad Pet Idea” series details some of the finer points against keeping a howler monkey as a pet. What would you people do without my guidance?

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C-C-C-ComBreaking News! Meets Zinger Stuff?!

Hey Zingers, I’ve got some importantastic news for everyone! I’ve made some new friends over at and together, we’re going to track down, tranquilize, tag and release all of the most important, informative and entertaining animal-themed stories that the internet has to offer! How cool is that?! (Answer = VERY) is similar to Zinger Stuff in quite a few ways, as we both have excellent taste in Stuff and that we have a desire to share the limitless hoard of goodies that we’ve stockpiled with our readers. The biggest difference is that PetsLady turns over every rock, climbs every tree and dives to the bottom of the oceans to showcase everything worth sharing about the animal kingdom that most people aren’t lucky enough to encounter every day, and I cover scattered samples of excellence from all over the place. Ok, so I’m naturally inclined to check out animals more than anything, so having me joining the PetsLady Crew makes for a better team than a hammerhead shark and a remora!

If you’re one of the Zingers who feels that dining on the latest batch of awesomeness that I whip up once a week leaves you starving for more, then you’re in luck! I’ll be posting daily stories over at PetsLady, where you’ll be able to read up on feathered, fanged, scaly and hairy Stuff such as:


A Reflection of Gabon’s Wildlife Makes for Funny Videos: I found some cool videos of chimpanzees, leopards and elephants checking themselves in a mirror, with hilarious results!

Cool Stuff – The Animal Table from Angry Squirrel Studio: A very ZingerStuffy article that shows off several toony takes on the periodic table of elements mixed with all of the best animals out there.

World’s Largest Crocodile Dies: Look at me! I’m a journalist now!

Welcome to Jurassic Bark! Dinosaur Toys For Your Dog: I couldn’t partner with a new website without bringing along my dinosaur pals- What else would you expect from the guy who brought you Mr. X?


Adding PetsLady and it’s big brother, Inventor Spot into the Zinger Stuff family is absolutely huge, and it’s an honor to show off the greatest alongside a team of writers who’ve been flagging down incredible finds since 2006. I’ll be sure to gather some of my favorite new PetsLady posts in weeks to come, but just keep in mind that it’s only February and Zinger Stuff’s already got a sister website in PetsLady!

Things are starting to heat up here at Zinger Stuff HQ, so stay cool while I go wild!


PetsLady Homepage:

Inventor Spot:


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Meet Pizza Shirt!

Pepperoni Pizza Shirt

Welcome to Foodie February, Zingers! This month, we’ll take a stroll through the internet’s kitchen with our grocery list of awesome stuff. (Yes, the internet has stuff other than bacon!) Only I know what kinds of choice treats will be served freshly prepared in “Café ‘de Zenek,” but it’s guaranteed to be five-star Zingworthy stuff. You’ll just have to dine in once a week to see what’s on my menu. Let’s start off with a personal favorite of mine: Pizza! Most of us have bought a vile and totally inedible pizza at least once in our lives, but this one is the only pizza that you’ll be happy not to eat.

Available in cozy “Pepperoni” and stylish “Veggie Supreme,” Pizza Shirts are the most direct way to share with your friends, family, coworkers and significant other that you are miles ahead of the fashion curve and that you could go for a slice for lunch/dinner/snack/breakfast/because you want a piece of pizza. With no ungainly crust in sight, strut your stuff as the hottest person in the room with one of these seamless “Delicious molten cheese and choice toppings” designs.
But seriously, don’t eat these- You’ll look silly in court and the good people at Pizza Shirt will have to sew an additional tag on their clothes labeled: “DO NOT EAT! NOT ACTUAL PIZZA!” The economy is bad enough, so don’t force these trendsetters to spend more on their awesome shirts…

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Ha! I’ve just started throwing great stuff on the grill, so go grab a fountain drink, take that nice and roomy booth by the window and I’ll bring the next course this time next week or your meal is free. Bon appetite, Zingers!


Pizza Shirt Homepage:
Pizza Shirt @ Twitter:

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Zinger Stuff’s Treasure Chest: January 2013!

Heeeey everyone! This week’s update is a little different, since we’re taking a look into my treasure chest of amazing, excellent and Zingworthy Stuff to show off some of the goodies that take up residence at Zinger Stuff HQ. Don’t forget to welcome back the official Zinger Stuff mascot, Mr. X, the blue-eyed T-Rex! We missed ya, buddy! Let’s get this party started!

First off, I’d like to give a HUGE shout-out to my friends at Safari Ltd for sending me the Bornean Orangutan and Wolf figures from the Wildlife Wonders collection! I absolutely love how beautifully detailed and full of character these heavy duty creatures are- The meticulous hand painted craftsmanship really is the cherry on top for these large, life-like animal replicas. Thanks to Safari Ltd, Zinger Stuff’s den is starting to look like a proper zoo with the Wolf guarding a side lamp and my Orangutan standing tall and proud over the fireplace. If you’ve got a favorite animal from their Wildlife Wonders series, whether it is a Tiger, Panda, Silverback Gorilla, or my awesome, chunky faced, shaggy, expressive Orangutan, adopt it and make your home a little wilder. It’s the closest that I’ll ever get to being Tarzan of the bloggers!

All the way from Streamline NYC comes my lovingly donated, quirky Piggy Grass Flocked Bank. (It’s been a little while since we’re heard from them, hasn’t it?) The dedicated carrier of all of my loose change, the bank is a heavier ceramic “traditional” piggy bank that has been seamlessly wrapped in a fuzzy layer of astroturf. The Piggy’s been on display in Zinger Stuff’s lobby for the entirety of 2012, and it has never failed to be a conversational focal point. It holds my coins and my guests all think that I have great taste in décor, so I must be doing something right! Oh! If swine is too old-fashioned for you, Streamline NYC has other grassy banking options, including a Snail, Duck and Rabbit. Less mess than a Chia, and no mowing required!

Finally, here are my Endangered Species Erasers from Kikkerland Design- I managed to hunt down two of the three from this series, the crimson Rhino and jade Gorilla, but the elusive cerulean Polar Bear is still beyond my grasp. Kikkerland continues to impress me by combining the functionality of a big, sturdy eraser, a high level of detail of each creature’s features and the obvious statement that these beautiful animals could eventually be gone forever if we use rare animals to erase graphite mistakes from midterm papers. Their bold red, green and blue hues and visually distinct shapes have made them excellent desktop companions that have overlooked many a Zinger Stuff update from the sidelines.

Well, truth be told, I have ONE more special treasure to share with you before I close the Treasure Chest for the season- Joy the veociraptor-slaying kitten! I adopted the little fuzzball last summer and outside of clawing down inflatable dinosaurs, she is a purrfect fit for the Zinger Stuff family. No worries about Scribble the Yorkie: They both get tons of love, toys and treats between take turns doing not-so-Zingworthy Stuff to get me away from the computer. Best kitten ever!

And that was “Creature January” here at Zinger Stuff! So awesome to see that so many of you enjoyed a month of majestic beasts from all over the animal kingdom, but it’s time to get out of the jungle and into the frying pan! Get ready for “Foodie February,” Zingers! See you next month!


Safari Ltd Homepage:

Safari Ltd Wildlife Wonders:

Streamline NYC Homepage:

Streamline NYC Grass Flocked Banks:

Kikkerland Design Homepage:

Kikkerland Design Endangered Species Erasers:

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